Our German-made furnaces are extremely environmentally friendly and are customized to process prototype to production loadds of any size, even fully automatically. Twenty years of engineering expertise and furnace manufacturing experience combined with our multiple allow us to provide the highest quality surface engineering at the lowest possible cost.


ELTROPULS furnaces can run at temperatures below those of other nitriding processes such as salt bath and gas, leave core hardness unaffected, and leave virtually no dimensional changes. This can eliminate secondary machining. Selective masking is readily and inexpensively performed. With ELTROPULS process, both the thickness and phase composition of the compound layer and the thickness and hardness profile of the diffusion zone can be varies within wide limits by varying the nitriding parameters.


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Product Listing


Product Listing


Bell Furnaces

  • Optimum loadability for big and small parts
  • Used for mixed charging
  • Easy direct loading into the furnace


Special Furnaces

  • Largest pulsed plasma nitrider (6m x 4m), Kvaerner, Norway

  • Surface Treatment Unit for Wool

  • Micro wave furnace for cleaning

  • Continuous working for nitriding and carburising 

  • Combined processes such as:

    • nitriding & coating

    • nitriding & oxidation

Double Bottom Furnaces

  • Same features as bell furnaces

  • During treatment on one bottom the next load can be prepared
  • Automatic bell lifting systems guarantees 24 hours operation
  • Double bottom furnace for large volume

Pit Furnaces

  • Used for long parts
  • Offers easy loading from the top

Tandem Furnaces 

  • ( 1 power supply - 2 receptacles )







Environmentally Friendly

  • No toxic exhaust
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • No salt disposal vs. Salt bath nitriding


Hot Walls

  • Uniform heating of different sized work pieces, the temperature is not dependent on plasma
  • Lower energy cost, electricity is used to heat the work pieces, not the cooling water


Pulsed Plasma

  • Controlled On/Off times uses less electricity
  • Reduced total energy input allows for more control of surface temperature on different sized parts, better plasma uniformity, and prevents localized overheating.
  • Controlled voltage prevents arc discharge and damage to the work surface.


Computer Controlled

  • Every step is monitored and documented.
  • Memory can store up to 99 programs
  • Specialized operators are not required.
  • The furnace can be controlled and monitored by our headquarters in Germany.


Eltropuls can integrate robotics if needed for cleaning, fixturing, loading, and unloading.


Accurate Temperature Control

Thermocouples are in direct contact with the work piece insuring the most accurate temperature control, other nitriders musts insulated the thermocouple to protect the instrumentation.


Self Contained

Eltropuls furnaces and controls are self-contained. The customers only requirements are the hook ups for electricity, cooling water, and process gasses. Each unit is fully assembled and tested at the factory before it is shipped to the customer.


Custom Furnaces Available

Custom furnaces and fixtures can be built to meet any application or need. Full technical support is always only a phone call away.




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