Eltropuls Ion Nitriding Advantages At A Glance


  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Uniform metallurgical results because of the ELTROPULS pulsed plasma technology
  • Metallurgical results can be readily programmed to meet specified application requirements
  • Processing is reproducible
  • No distortion of the parts
  • Mechanical masking permits selective hardening
  • A uniform temperature on thick and thin sections
  • Shortest heat up and treatment times
  • Limited factory floor space requirements
  • Can be directly integrated with the existing parts manufacturing line
  • Designed for fully automatic operation
  • Highest environmental compatibility, no toxic or hazardous materials are involved
  • No toxic waste management expense
  • Minimum set up and operating labor costs
  • High up time and equipment availability and a long operating lifetime
  • Low servicing time because of modular designs



Some Advantages of the ELTROPULS Technology


Time and Temperature

Plasma Power Current and Voltage Power Duty-Cycle

Important Processing Advantages

Shortest Possible Time

Your part can be heated in the shortest possible time, in vacuum, by radiation or in an inert atmosphere, with natural or forced convection.



Time and temperature can be freely programmed to meet every process requirement.  Even the most complicated programs can be easily reproduced.


Automatic Cooling

After reaching the end of the heat and soak steps, the part can be automatically cooled.  The method for cooling to the unloading temperature can be selected to meet the requirements of the part—slowly, in a vacuum to insure freedom from distortion, or more quickly, in an inert atmosphere with natural or forced convection, for high parts throughput and productivity.

Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions can take place within the plasma that otherwise would be possible only at much higher temperatures.


Sputter Cleaning

Passivated surfaces can be activated by sputter cleaning.  Critical chemical reactions kinetics are improved by sputtering.


Automatically Adjusts Power

With the ELTROPULS pulsed power technology (US Pat 4,645,981, DP Pat 3,322,341) plasma power is automatically limited to just the amount necessary— Insuring uniform temperature of the parts and allowing loading a maximum number of parts in the furnace.


Uses Smallest Amount of Power

Using the smallest amount of power for the process and preventing overheating of thin sections (as with technologies lacking pulse duration and duty-cycle control).


Guarantees Consistency

Guaranteeing consistent nitrided layers with either full loads or with partial loads.

Environmentally Friendly

Hazardous or toxic materials are not used nor are they generated.  Processing is both safe and environmentally friendly, so it can now be conducted within the main manufacturing area. 


Load Size Not Critical

Load size is not critical, so that parts with different geometries can be treated at the same time.  Cold-Start to Cold-Stop processing permits small batch operations without utility cost penalties.


Minimum Expense

The low consumption of electrical power, process gases and cooling water ensures a beneficial surface modification operation at minimum expense.


Advantages of Plasma Nitriding over Gas or Salt Bath


  • Plasma nitriding imparts a hard wear resistant surface without brittleness, galling, or spalling. This eliminates costly cleaning or grinding to remove the brittle white layer associated with traditional nitriding.

  • A uniform glow discharge that envelops the entire surface achieves a consistent hardness and case depth. This is especially noticeable on complex geometries where gas nitriding case depths can be non-uniform.

  • Plasma nitriding least affects the surface finish of the product. Salt bath and gas nitriding, which uses ammonia (NH3) and phosphate for activation , will roughen a ground or polished surface.

  • Plasma nitriding has a higher surface hardness and maintains your materialís core properties due to the lower processing temperatures associated with plasma nitriding (500 - 570 Centigrade). Traditional nitriding operates at higher temperatures and can change the core properties of your material.

  • More materials can be selected for plasma nitriding, including cast iron, mild steel, mold, tool, high speed and stainless steels.

  • Plasma nitriding is environmentally friendly. Plasma nitriding uses non-toxic, precisely controlled gas mixtures. Traditional gas and salt bath nitriding uses toxic gasses, salts and ammonia that are hard to control and harmful to the workers and the environment.




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